Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Robert Clotworthy = Jim Raynor

gameroni Robert Clotworthy interview

I just listened to that interview, and let me tell you, it was pretty exciting to hear from the voice behind Jim Raynor (if you don't know who that is, you can get out right now). Clotworthy really understands the importance and the values of Raynor, and I for one, think that his performance in Starcraft 2 was flat-out amazing.

"As far as my particular take on the character -- Chris Metzen describes Raynor as the last honest man in the universe, and that’s a great place for me as an actor to begin, to understand that this is what is at this man’s core: his honesty, his belief in the truth, and what is right, and to do what is right. He can’t avoid the truth. He can’t deceive himself into thinking something is better than it is. He’s very honest in his, not only his attitude and his approach to things, but his understanding of things." - Clotworthy in the interview

More interestingly, Clotworthy also mentions the work he's done on Heart of the Swarm (2012) and gives very broad details about the story arc, describing it as deep and thought-provoking, going on to say that he was thoroughly excited when he saw the direction the story of the Koprulu sector was going to take, which intern made me giggle like the little Korean school girl that I am. But unfortunately, I'll have to wait AT LEAST another year for Heart of the Swarm (but hopefully not Diablo 3 <3).
A little sidenote I'd to make here. At one point in the interview, Clotworthy is asked what it will be like to not be playing the role of Raynor once the Stacraft trilogy is complete and he makes some very intriguing comments. He suggests that perhaps that Raynor and his raiders might continue to exist even outside of the game, citing that he has heard many rumors floating around about the next step in Stacraft, which to me screams a Stacraft movie (undoubtedly the highest grossing movie in all history) could be made in my lifetime. However, it's probably nothing.

Tychus, what have you done? 

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